Friday, 29 November 2013

Wonderful last day at Wallaby Woods!

On the 27th of November was my last day of work experience in Wallaby Woods. I was very upset to say goodbye because they were so nice and friendly to me and they always made me feel at ease!

I had to leave at 2:30 due to a hospital appointment, so I made sure I did as much as I could to get things done. Anyways I went to work at 11 and me and Charlotte started by cleaning the swans and after we cleaned the rabbits.

For lunch I had some of Grainne's soup and it was very yummy!! After lunch we went to the yard and started sweeping it so it looked clean. Then I went and did the horses and after that I was collected.

Grainne gave me a card with everyone saying a little message inside it, and a Wallaby Woods jumper. I gave them all a hug and they said that I HAD to visit them again soon.

I will see them again soon because I'm going to be working there over Christmas. I was very said to leave but at the same time I was grateful that they gave up their time to let me do my work experience there!! :D

Looking forward to my next placement!!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Only two weeks left!!:O

I can't believe that was my second last week in Wallaby Woods. It has flew by. 

Today was pretty much the same as the other days, but I never get tired of it!

First I brought Mo, The owner's dog for a walk, while Charlotte was cleaning the swans. Mo is such a cute dog! After me and Charlotte fed the horses and the donkey and the goat. The donkey has a habit of biting people's jumpers and the goat has a habit of hitting people with his huge horns! So sometimes I never quite enjoy feeding the goat. He hit Charlotte in the stomach today and then after that he went and hit Paulo the donkey. But Paulo went and bit his tail after so they were even.

We fed the rabbits after lunch and we found that one of the rabbits had babies. They were so cute and small!! I'd say there was around 6-7 of them. We also fed the pigs and they are so greedy omg!! 

That was what I did on my second last day. 

Oh and also I got offered a part-time job coming up to Christmas WOO! :D

Six down two to go!

On Wednesday 13th it was my sixth day of work experience. As I said before I am really enjoying it!!

My supervisor Charlotte took the day off because she was sick, so I spent the day with Luke and Dean. They were mulching when I got down there, so all I had to do was rake it and make sure it was even. We did this up until lunch time.

We spent the day singing and talking about Christmas. It was great fun.

After lunch me and Dean went around to the animals and started feeding them. I cleaned out the guinea pigs and the ferrets! Let me just say that the ferrets were absolutely horrible, they smelt soooo bad!!

I also cleaned out the storage room so that they could fit more food and equipment in it. And after we had finished all that we went back to mulching. My arms were quite sore after because of all the raking!

Great day!!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Week 5!

Last Wednesday was my fifth day of work experience, I only have 3 weeks left oh my god, it flew!! Thankfully I didn't get attacked by the goat! I pretty much did the same thing, except I went out the back and fed the owls.

Last week I said that two baby swans came to stay with us and their mother ended up staying with them to due to the fact that the mother's partner died. They think it was an otter that attacked it. Luke and Dean brought the mother in to keep her safe until they find what killed her partner.

I never actually realised how much work it takes to clean and feed the animals. The smell of them is unreal, you have to clean them at least twice a week!!

When I was cleaning out Paulo and feeding him he grabbed my zip and started pulling it up and down. Charlotte also said that he also grabs her hat and her pony tail. Paulo is so cute I want to keep him, he's definitely my favourite animal there! My least favourite is the goat, Pebbles.

I'm actually so sad that I have only three weeks left in Wallaby Woods. All the staff said I had to visit them again. I have to say I felt like I really got along with all of them and that they liked me working there!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Pebbles attacked me! He's a goat!!

So last Wednesday was my fourth day of work experience in Wallaby Woods. Each day I'm enjoying it more and more. As Halloween is nearly here we were cleaning the place and Luke and Dean were making cool decor for it. They made these really cool grave stones out of styrofoam. They looked great!!

We had new arrivals in the pet barn. Two little swans came to stay for a while. So me and Charlotte made a place for them to stay. Also one of the rabbits gave birth to five little baby rabbits. They are so cute!!

So apart from getting things ready for Halloween, everything else was pretty much the same. I was cleaning out where the goat and donkey stay, and when I was about to walk out and leave the goat, Pebbles attacked me. He hit me with his HUGE horns. But its ok because Paulo came to the rescue!! (btw Paulo is the donkey!) Yeah so basically Paulo stood in front of me so that Pebbles couldn't get at me!:)

I also got really good news at the end of the day. They offered me a part time job there over the mid term!!!!! I was sooooo happy, I really felt like I was doing a great job and that they all liked having me there!

All in all I am really having a great time working there!:)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 3, its getting better and better!!

So on the 16th of october I had work experience and this was my third day. Every week its getting better and better, I love it!! I love working with the animals and I feel I'm getting along really well with the members of the staff.

The only bad thing about that day was that it was lashing rain. But I just worked in the barn until it stopped and then I went out to the field where all the horses and sheep were. Poor Paulo (the donkey) is very lonely, they are thinking of getting him a friend!:)

We also got a few new guinnea pigs. At the moment they are getting ready for Halloween and I helped them. At lunch I spent it with Luke and Dean and Maurine, I couldn't stop laughing because I think Luke is so funny. In the end we all ended up laughing and they had to leave to stop. Haha!

All in all I am really enjoying myself and I love working there!! Can't wait for next week!! :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 2!

My second day of work experience was much more relaxing as I knew where to go and who I'd be with. I felt a lot more comfortable and confident walking in. So it started off the same, cleaning cages and stables and feeding the animals. This week because the weather was good it was busier and I got to show some children the animals around the place.

Later on we were getting ready for a photo shoot, people from Temple Street Hospital wanted to get some photos of children in their Halloween costumes for a fundraiser. So because of this we had to make sure EVERYTHING was spotless!!

I took some photos of the animals, here they are.....

Here are the little cute bunny rabbits!

Here is Lou Lou

Some of the cute budgies.

Leroy he is a parrot and he NEVER shuts up!!